J. Smith

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“Steva Giles is truly a unique individual and┬áspirit. She has a natural gift and ability that is simply amazing and her qualities set her apart from others. You can sense her unconditional love, without any judgement and complete understanding embrace you. As her serene and gentle energy envelopes you, immediately your heart, mind and soul feel at ease.

You feel safe, secure and loved. No matter where you find yourself in life, the moment you speak with Steva, I promise you, you will know how special she is. You will leave with a greater sense of purpose for yourself and your life. You will have a better understanding, clarity, vision and direction. Most importantly, a feeling and a knowing you are not alone and that you are loved. You will restore your inner peace and purpose. And desire more of this from your life. I call her my angel and I’m sure you will too.”

– Thousand Oaks, California