Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About My Twin Flame?

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Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About My Twin Flame?

Year: 2014 or 2015

Location: Anaheim, California

Story Time: I love me some Dewayne Dyer. I know, I know his name is Wayne Dyer but for the longest time I thought Wayne Dyers name was Dewayne. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said look up Dewayne Dyer to friends or clients, and praise his books and go on and on about how he is considered the grandfather of inspirational speaking.

Well one night a friend and I got tickets to see him along with Ester Hicks. Well, just imagine how surprised I was to see Dr. Wayne Dyer printed on the ticket stub! *Laughs* Duh! His name is Dr. Wayne not DeWayne. I got to love my misinformed moments. When you believe you know something and soon come to understand you don’t. Which leads me to my quote of the blog.

Quote: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About My Twin Flame?

Twin flames already feel each other’s energy. It’s a high vibration relationship. So the connection is more than just a 3rd dimensional relationship. It is a relationship on all dimensions, regardless of the souls age. (Infant soul, baby soul, young soul, mature soul, old soul, and transcendental/infinite soul)

The question to ask is, why would I NOT think about my twin flame?

Your thoughts are centered on your connection to your twin flame. Just as their thoughts are centered on the connection to you. The thoughts are the interconnection (the link) to your belief system.

Example: Does my twin flame love me? Well your first thoughts are to look for examples in your memory of how your twin flame has shown you love. Like for instance, have they said I love you? Or was it a small gesture or is there a intimate moment that the two of you have shared. Do they support you emotionally or physically? Do they give you gifts? All those thoughts have one common denominator. You. It’s how “you” feel about love. What love looks like and means to you all leading to your examples of your beliefs about love.

Another question you may ask when your thinking about your twin flame is; Is this person really my twin flame, and if they are, why are they treating me this way? Well, again it’s your thoughts. You are the common denominator searching for the answer among your beliefs.

“Your thoughts” are connected to you. Your thoughts are connected to your beliefs. So whatever you are thinking is connected to your beliefs. Your beliefs are connected to the relationships you have with yourself, your heart, you inner being. It is most importantly it’s connected to your relationship you have with God.


What is a Belief? A belief is a thought that you think over and over that you deem as true. Which turns into your subconscious program (that’s playing in the back ground of your mind, where your belief system is stored). Your beliefs become your truths. When change your beliefs or create them, you are forced to look within at your inner self and ask what do I believe about my life.


“Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs become your truth, your truth are your emotions, your emotions are your manifestation, your manifestations become your reality, and your reality is your life.”– Steva Giles


Remember everything in the universe is energy. We are all connected. Science proves from the water we drink, right down to every breath we take has, at one time or another, is associated with other living organism. (Dr. Martin St. Maurice, assistant professor of biological sciences) Everything you think has power and it can be limitless. So the thoughts you have about your twin flame is energy. Are those thoughts positive, are they obsessive are they restrictive or are they productive? If you are obsessing about why you haven’t heard from your twin or why you can’t stop thinking about them. Quick tip: The fastest form of communication is your heart not your thoughts. But that’s for another blog.

Until Then…

Love Your Life…

Steva Raylene

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